Mike Tech Show – Podcast – #426 – 09-27-12

iPhone 5, Browser support stories from the trenches, Preventing infections, Windows 8 comments, Microsoft Action Pack

(57 minutes)

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  1. Andrew says:

    Hi Mike,

    Regarding the problem with users entering website addresses into the search bar in their browser, rather than the address bar. I have a suggestion: asking the user to press CTRL+L before typing the web address, should move the cursor to the address bar and highlight any text already there, so that it is replaced when the user begins typing.

    I have tried this in Chrome, Internet Explorer, Firefox and Opera and this shortcut performs the same action in all of these browsers. Of course, the browser must be the active window for the shortcut to work, but even if the user first clicks in the search bar to activate the browser window, and then presses CTRL+L, they will still be taken to the address bar. (I believe CTRL+L was chosen for this in reference to the ‘Location bar’).

    Hope this helps. I share your frustration with this common occurrence among novice users! Thanks for the show – listen weekly!