Answers for Show #71

Podcatching Software –

From Joe – His favorite podcatching software for his Palm Treo 700p, Quick News 1.24

Lists of other Windows podcatching software

Upconvert PC DVD to HD –

Motherboard/CPU monitor –

From Ryan
Motherboard Monitor

MP3 Player –

From Cate – The feature on an mp3 player that lets you come back to the same place when you turn off the mp3 player is called Pause/Resume. The Samsung YP-U1 flash player, when turned off and then turn it back on, it resumes at the same spot.

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  1. Michael A. cose says:

    I know the Creative zen Micophoto player that I have when i stop a song or put it in pause and shut the player down…It come back where i left off and I started listening and enjoying the creative player.I hope this help.
    I’m not sure about the ipod but I think it does the same things. I enjoy your show every Friday and sometimes in the middle of the week. I am a big red sox fan and think you are a phillies fan, living in Philadephia.
    But I just like to say I enjoy your show plus your tip you gives….I just wished you would not played any music but keep it tech only.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Hi Mike and listeners,

    I found help by googling “podcast friendly mp3 player” 10 months ago, and learned about a few players that do this. I settled on a Rio Forge 256meg player. Whe it’s batteries run out, or when you stop it and start it, the mp3 plays from where it left off. Also you can bookmark up to 9 spots among all the tracks.

    The Rio works fine for me after 8 months, a couple quirks otherwise it’s perfect. see the CNet reviews for more. Cost me $49 refurb Amazon.

  3. Kip says:

    I use a cheap generic Chinese mp3 player (make: Sumvision) that resumes a track where you left off. I do not think this is a particularly unusual feature and can be found on most mp3 players.

  4. Rich from Massachusetts says:

    I use an MP3 player made by PNY Technologies which has the pause/resume feature. As long as the battery isn’t removed, it remembers where you paused.

    I hope this helps…

    Rich from Massachusetts <