Mike Tech Show – Podcast – #71 – 06-17-06

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  • What is your favorite podcatching software other then iTunes or Juice?
  • Is there a way to upconvert a DVD playing on a PC to HD resolutions?
  • FREE program to monitor motherboard/CPU temperature?
  • Recommend MP3 player that when you pause and power off, you can resume at the same point?
  • Email me at mike@miketechshow.com
  • Voice mail: (240) 949-2450

Independent Music –

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  1. Barbra says:

    Huge fan of Cate and her input on the show but

    Call me old school..
    My favorite FREE podcatcher is…

    Visit the site and
    Right Click “save as”.

    I’ve tried RSS but favor bookmarking.

  2. Barbra says:

    I love Langa List
    This is Fred Langa’s email newsletter that is ALWAYS full of info.

    To monitor heat in your system he recommends:

    This FREE tool monitors all the temperatures reported by standard system sensors (most PCs and laptops today come with two or three thermal sensors built in, although many users don’t realize it…). It also displays the SMART status.

    IAM for Intel only:

  3. chris says:

    The question you have to ask about motherboard monitors is how accurate are they? In my experience you can get variable results. I think the best you can hope for especially with some (but not all!) freeware is to gauge trends over a period of time. If you suspect there is something wrong with your hardware, then keeping a check on temperature averages may confirm your fears or alert you to a new problem.
    A monitor worth considering is SensorsView Pro (http://www.stvsoft.com/).
    Someone mentioned Motherboard Monitor – this can be installed as a plugin in the invaluable open source utility, CoolMon (http://www.coolmon.org/).