Mike Tech Show – Podcast – #28 – 09-10-05

(42 minutes)

Show #28 notes:

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  1. blue neon light says:

    I enjoy your show! A lot of great topics discussed. Keep up the good work.

  2. MissM says:

    Great show Mike! Thanks for the credit. Glad I can help hehe.

    I also wanted to repeat my compliments for the shows on getting rid of spyware (23 as I recall) and what to backup before a reinstall. VERY useful info, I even burned it to a cd to give to a couple friends. Hope you don’t mind? πŸ™‚

  3. MissM says:

    Oh yeah, I meant to ask if you’d tried firefox 1.5 Beta 1? Since you installed IE7, I was curious about firefox. I did install it, and it seems a bit buggy still. Yes, I know its beta. πŸ™‚ But I have no scroll bars. Fortunately I have a scroll wheel on my mouse, or it would be MUCH more tedious. The thing that I like BEST about it so far, after about a day of using it, is being able to make applications that want to open a new browser window, open a tab, on the existing window. This is EXCELLENT! I have a few more comments on our blog

  4. Mike says:

    I have not had a chacne to install the new Firefox. I will do that today and report back on the blog.

  5. TanJ says:

    Missm on 1.5

    Yeah no scroll bars. Also—my favorite extensions are MIA even though I heard they will all be compatible soon.

    Mike on GoDaddy discounts:

    Wanted you to know I used your tech2 code a few weeks ago and was pleased to save a few bucks.

    Will try the tech3 next time around.

    Listening to the show now…looks like another good one

  6. TanJ says:

    You mentioned AVG. I myself use the free version for personal use.

    I have been getting a virus alert for Java/OpenStream during SCAN and consistantly during an AdAware system scan. No heal, no quarentine, no fix.

    Google search tells me it is a false-positive picking up a java file acting like a virus. Could be. Panda scan shows nothing. Scanning in Safe mode detects nothing as well
    Just wanted to mention this finding.

    Thank you for the Revision3 link showing video Episode 11 available.

    I love what Kevin and Alex are doing and enjoy their humorous video casts. The casts are getting harder and harder to find as they use different access addresses.

    I was glad to see your podcast made front page in June, but I all ready knew you rocked! (Dug it anyway of course!)

  7. Anonymous says:

    I am still wondering why you have selected those tech/gamer shows to post on your blog/podcast site. Are you trying to attract more listeners? Those shows are popular, because they are hosted by former tech tv/g4 hosts.
    Open Alpha is for gamers, and some shows are for the hacking/tech community. Are you changing the format of your show?

    Please stop, before people scream at you for being a phoney!

    Maybe you’re just using those shows to get your page to be picked up by searches. Maybe some shameless promotion.

    Stop promoting the other shows and do your own podcast. The podcasts were better when you weren’t talking about other shows.

  8. Mike says:

    I actually watch all of those shows. There were no other motives. I have many listeners from all areas and levels of technology. The one thing I am guilty of, is trying hard to please everyone. Thank you very much for your comments.