Mike Tech Show – Podcast – #776 – 03-18-21

COVID-19 Vaccine, Win10 March update, A day in my life supporting clients

(44 minutes)

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  1. Wintermute68 says:

    Embedded audio is not playing.
    Change that link from https to http.
    Or update/get SSL certs for mhs.me

    Play in new window and Download links do work. They are both using http.

  2. Mike says:

    Link does not have HTTPS. It is HTTP. I don’t know why it is not playing.

  3. Wintermute68 says:

    Well, the HTML source of this page shows https for the embedded audio. View page source, search for mhs.me, first link is https. Can also look at Page Info -> Media in Firefox and see an https link to mhs.me.

    Could be the tool you are using to post the article to the page is converting the link you input for the audio player from http to https. It may be doing that because it is following Chrome’s lead.

    Chrome (and Chromium-based Edge) will now automatically convert embedded http links to https when on an https site. They don’t want mixed content as it can be insecure. This is also why the ‘Play in New Window’ link does not work in Chrome. It opens an https site with http content for the audio but converts that to https and fails to play. Firefox does not do this, it plays the http content, but shows mixed content in the address bar. The Download link does work in Chrome because it goes to an http site, mhs.me, so it is not mixed anymore, just not secure and Chrome shows that in the address bar.

    See for example:

    “In January 2020, Chrome 80 will autoupgrade all mixed audio and video resources to HTTPS, and it will automatically block them if they fail to load over HTTPS.”

    Your audio file fails to load over https. Chrome does the same for images now, too, but it doesn’t do it for links that are not loaded with the page (ie: the Download link).

    I’m not sure of a solution for you other than don’t post audio files to mhs.me, go back to the place you had them before, if that is possible. Or upgrade mhs.me to SSL. Let’s Encrypt does offer free SSL certs, but I don’t know your hosting situation, so they may not be an option.

    Or leave it and just make folks download here. It can hurt your SEO though.

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  4. Mike says:

    I will source the audio from a place that has HTTPS for the show on 04/01, tonight. Thank you very much!!