Mike Tech Show – Podcast – #610 – 02-23-17

My system story, Notifications, Time Tracking, PortableApps

(59 minutes)

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  1. Keven Brochu says:

    Hey Mike, regarding the cable management on your computer that made the fan replacement so painful, as a system builder myself, I see that a lot on the Internet when people show their PC builds. To me, that’s the difference between cables that looks good and actual cable management. I think too many people forget the “management” part in cable management. When I do cable management on a system, I always make sure it’s not just looking good, but also easy to work on by separating the different types of cables and making sure cables that are more likely to need to be undone are on top of the others, like SATA cables, to ease up hard drive upgrades for example. I understand your pain of having to mess up with the cables to change the fans!