Mike Tech Show – Podcast – #591 – 09-01-16

Deep Freeze, Hamachi, QuickBooks password recovery, Manage browser saved passwords, ActiveSync device limits, ProtonMail

(31 minutes)

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  1. Hank says:

    Big fan of the show! Thanks for all you do Mike 🙂 To help out the listener who’s looking for an alternative to Deep Freeze, I had the same issues with Deep Freeze but I decided to switch over to Drive Vaccine.

    The product works very similar to Deep Freeze (restores the machine to a pristine state) but what enticed me was both the lower price point, better featureset, and their support is all based in North America. Which is something I came to appreciate after working with Deep Freeze.

    I’ve heard from other Sys Admins that Deep Freeze has issues, they have been stagnant over the past 5 years.