Mike Tech Show – Podcast – #515 – 08-07-14

Tech-Vets AZ meetup review, Security warnings, Website calendars

(35 minutes)

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  1. Ryan Williams says:

    The hard drive SATA connectors on Macbook Pro Unibodies definitely have a history of going bad. I’ve replaced them on about 7-8 computers in the past six months. When I run into a hard drive that isn’t being recognized on a Macbook Pro, I take the drive out and plug it in externally. Obviously, sometimes drives aren’t recognized because of bad sectors, but this seems to be a common problem with Macbook Pros and a lot of them are fixed by simply replacing the SATA cable that connects the HDD to the logic board. I heard mention of this problem on the show this week and just wanted to contribute my own recent experiences. I enjoy the show.

    Ryan Williams