Mike Tech Show – Podcast – #466 – 07-09-13

What to do if your WordPress site has an infection, Microsoft retiring TechNet Subscription service, Ransomeware encryption

(40 minutes)

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  1. Gary Knebel says:

    Hi Mike,

    Love your shows I am finally caught up on all of my MTS and Tech-Vets podcasts while traveling over the July 4th holiday. Didn’t have a chance to get back to you (until now) from when you first talked about ticketing and mentioned SpiceWorks. I am the Network Manager for a K-12 School and I have been playing with Spiceworks for the last couple years on an old PC. Before the start of the year I moved it up to it’s own VM. I use it for ticketing for my 500 teachers and staff and it works fabulous. Also I haven’t had any problems with the Android App for Spiceworks….works great and is fast. Your problem must be something with just the iPhone App because I don’t think you really can set it up wrong. Teachers use the “Customized Portal” to submit tickets. I don’t want them sending the ticket in by email because they won’t fill in all the blanks and that will defeat the purpose. All of my “online devices” are scanned in to Spiceworks inventory plus I imported over 10,000 items in from a File Maker Pro DB. You have to trial and error importing with a couple items first because I had stuff that was online like computers and MacBooks and offline like Monitors, SmartBoards, and etc. so I had to make sure I didn’t overwrite data and I also didn’t want any duplicates from scanned ip devices that I was “updating”. I had many custom fields to blend with data from my old DB. There is “almost” no end to the customization you can do with Spiceworks and it’s all FREE and even YOU will be a SPICEHEAD in no time ! They really are a community and have local meetings in every part of the country and even have what they call Spiceworks University to further your training in it. If you have any other questions don’t be afraid to ask.

    One other topic I would like to bring up and hear what you and others have to say is bandwidth charting. I use a web-based product called Cacti which can be found at Cacti.org. It is totally FREE and can run on just about anything. I have mine running on a pre-built CentOS Linux build on an old PC…..it doesn’t take much. I chart everything and anything. From total bandwidth to large users, to every switch, every camera, every HVAC device, every building, and every AP in my buildings. It can even track the number of users on an AP. It keeps historical data for as long as I want and you can pull up a chart or charts from any time period / range…..even aggregate charts. I also use it to let me know if anything device is offline and it also emails me again when it comes back online. Reminder I do have all Cisco switches, so they are “Managed Switches” and I can tap any port with my Cacti device. But sensors can be done by ip address of the device, not by the port of the switch.

    Say Hi to Carey ! I just split up a donation between you and Tech-Vets. I love both of your shows and keep up the great work. I never fail to learn something every week. Hope I didn’t drag on too long.


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