Mike Tech Show – Podcast – #448 – 03-01-13

Fabs AutoBackup, Ninite, iPrinting, Portable Scanners, How to gather info for a new client

(37 minutes)

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  1. Troy Sorzano says:


    Thanks for all the tips you give, I might have one for you. You mentioned finding a low cost and locally available computer by hitting Staples.com for the “deal of the week”. Have you ever heard of http://www.SalesCircular.com? They pull all the weekly deals from all the local stores (staples, Micro Center, Best Buy, Office Max/Depot etc.). When someone asks me for a local deal on a laptop (direct link for PA laptops: http://www.salescircular.com/pa/computer/laptpp.shtml ). I just take a quick look at the list which is sorted by price and I highlight one or two that I would recommend and send them on their way. It also breaks out the true cost by showing if the “deal” has rebates or freebies like printers or accessories thrown in.


  2. Troy Sorzano says:

    oops. I don’t see any Micro Center listings in laptops anymore. Maybe SalesCircular.com dropped them because there are so many deals in their huge flyers.


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