Mike Tech Show – Podcast – #431 – 11-01-12

Hurricane Sandy, WeTransfer, SharePoint Portal, Client notes and checklists, New server checklist, Windows 8 32 vs 64 bit

(46 minutes)


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  1. Blain says:

    I purchased a DuroStar DS4000S 3300/4000 watt generator from Newegg earlier this year for $270 shipped.
    In july Newegg had this unit on sale again for only $220 shipped. Keep your eyes open for deals on these! $220 shipped is a great price for the wattage this unit generates. The DS4000S is fairly “quiet” for a gasoline generator. It provides plenty of power for a frig, chargers, coffee maker, etc.
    For summertime outages a sub-$100 window air conditioner can keep your basement livable with this generator.

    Two things to keep in mind…
    1. Keep enough gasoline on hand (I have the generator topped off as well as two 5-gallon cans, all with Stabil marine stabalizer).
    2. Pay attention to the load put on the generator to keep it balanced.