Mike Tech Show – Podcast – #405 – 05-03-12

Network problem leftover from infection, VMware Fusion, Windows 7 printer sharing tip, IE security settings, Find Big Mail, Stop Avira pop ups, DNS Changer, Sophos, Windows Deployment, Fog Project, No Windows 7 print driver solution

(37 minutes)


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  1. Tom Savage says:

    Hi Mike,
    I had a similar problem with a firewall after a malware removal. It was a laptop running Windows 7 Home Premium.
    I tried different software tools that were suppose to repair certain items to no avail. After much research I found this repair for a corrupted firewall after malware removal;


    My wife and I enjoy listening to your show (even though she hates tech.)
    Thank you,

  2. Anyone here afflicted with the DNS Changer?

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