No Mike Tech Show this week

My wife gave me an early 50th birthday present this past weekend, a trip to New Orleans for this week.  The next Mike Tech Show will be Thursday, 11/18/10.


  1. Infolookup says:

    Thanks very cool man, happy b-day Mike. Keep up awesome job you are doing with the show.

  2. Courante says:

    A very well deserved vacation. I just hope your clients can survive without you long enough to allow you to enjoy it!

  3. mark wilkinson says:

    Hope you had a nice holiday Mike. The break will do you good. Love your show. Looking forward to the next one.

    All the best

    Mark from Belfast, N. Ireland

  4. u-al says:

    What a great gift that is. . I just saw this video on some famous people turning fifty this year.

    Happy Birthday Mike