No LIVE show tonight (Thursday, 10/15/09)

I am home from the hospital and feeling much better. Thank you all for the great comments and well wishes. IT HELPED!

I just posted up show #273, the first show I recorded last week. Tomorrow I will edit the second show I recorded last week and I will post it up as show #274. I will be back LIVE behind the microphone next Thursday, 10/22/09 at 7pm ET on Ustream.

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  1. borg_13 says:

    Hey Mike, glad to hear that they released your from the hospital. Take care and get well.

  2. Kevin Adair says:

    Hey Mike!! I'm very happy happy to see you are back home!! Get your rest, and see you next week!! Take care!

  3. Mark says:

    Mike take care of yourself, good luck.

  4. Thank God…I'm Jones'in Man…I need my MTS fix. I wonder what GFL did Thursday when he got to the chat and realized no one was there to kick him. I would imagine he was very confused.
    See you on the 22nd.

  5. Glad you will be back behind the mic! We all missed you! Cheers to your speedy recovery…