Happy New Year

I recorded Show #221 last night. Thank you to everyone who joined me last night on Ustream, and especially to those that hung with me until after 4am for the post show! I am finally editing the audio and the show will be posted later tonight.

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  1. CitizenX says:

    Mike ~
    I had such a great time on your New Years Eve podcast and was thrilled that there were so many fans that joined in on the fun.

    I think I even called in (grin) but the connection was bad (running too many internets at once) and it never dawned to me to use a regular phone and not skype…but I think it was for the best.. LOL
    (good times)

    Thanks for being such a wonderful host (always), for the cheers! And for singing right along with us.
    The night was epic!

  2. Mike says:

    Thank you! I had a great time. I just posted the log file for the entire show.