Mike Tech Show – Podcast – #210 – 10-11-08

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(29 minutes)

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  • Repair JPG files that are not viewable?
  • Task Scheduler error 0x8007007a?
  • Email me at miketechshow@gmail.com
  • Voice mail: (240) 949-2450

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  1. Dave L says:

    Hey Mike,

    Too bad I wasn’t listening to the live broadcast because I would have posted this question in the chat but…

    If you’re already using Audacity to record the show, then why save the file as a WAV and then convert it with another application? Why not just export it directly as an MP3 (using the Lamelib plugin) and save that middle step?

    This episode was very helpful as my 10 year old daughter is getting ready to do her own podcast soon…


    Dave from Temecula, CA

  2. Mike says:

    Dave –

    Good question. I have done that and compared to using dbPowerAmp to convert the WAV to MP3 and found the file converted with dbPowerAmp to be of better sound quality. (Yes, they both use LAME to convert to MP3, but to my ears the quality was better.)