Mike Tech Show – Podcast – #197 – 07-19-08

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  1. Citizenx says:

    I just love when you share feedback that you receive from “Preparing For The Interview” Show #129

    When someone listens to that episode
    and then lands a job
    .. it really gives strength to online voices.

    Congrats for helping yet another land a job! I know this makes you smile!

    I am disappointed in ustream. It says that this recorded show was never viewed. I am watching/listening to it again (x2) So please do not think that if you record the show no one watches.
    There are 3 people logged into your ustream show as I speak.
    You ARE getting listeners via record!

  2. Mike says:

    Thank you. It is great getting letters like that, they really make my day.

  3. Dima says:

    P.S. Mike – absolutely looove your review of Firefox 3 and the top add ons!!! I am a Firefox add-on geek. Actually – (a few weeks ago) tried to upgrade the same way you did to v3, and yup – same issue as you 🙂 Love the show!!!

  4. Dima says:

    Mike – A HUUUGE thanks from all of us here at Crossloop for the mention on your show! It’s great to hear a LogMeInner’s kind remarks about Crossloop! Thanks!

    Kate – it’s a pleasure to hear your testimonial on the show!

    I wanted to quickly mention (you probably already know about this) – but Crossloop Marketplace is a great complement for our app. We have 9000+ tech experts on our website signed up currently who diagnose issues and help with various computer problems, each one has their own area of expertise. You can check this out on our homepage and just click the Play button for the demo.

    If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me.

    All the best, and again – many thanks for us!