Mike Tech Show – Podcast – #185 – 04-26-08

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(40 minutes)

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  1. CitizenX says:

    Here is another solution
    to getting past
    a Windows Profile password

    Video with software suggestions:
    or the TinyUrl:

  2. Mitch Haman says:

    Hi Mike. I just want to say how much I enjoy and learn form your shows. I’m a pc tech guy on the side and you really help me a lot.
    I signed up for an adrive account. I’m also going to get a logmein free account as well. I tried Ultra Vnc single click but could not get it to work. I did get pchelpware to work from them though. I’ll try logmein and see how I like that.
    Keep up the great work.

    Mitch Haman
    Hanover Pa.