Mike Tech Show – Podcast – #173 – 02-10-08

(58 minutes)

Mike Tech Show Listener Round Table
Topic: Home Network Security

Show #173 Notes

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  1. Chris says:

    Very informative show Mike – thanks to you and your guests for pointing me to some interesting sites. Am I right in thinking you have a measure of P2P protection running Avast as it has a P2P shield and a web downloads shield? I’ve never been too sure how well this works.

    I’d also like to recommend Steganos Safe One as a simple free way of creating an encrypted container for private files.


  2. Dave L says:

    GREAT Show Mike.

    And what a huge list of apps collected. One more to add though.

    A great application for application management on the Mac is 1Password (http://1passwd.com/).

    Dave from Temecula, CA

  3. Tara Kelly says:

    Like SoCalDaveL, I’ll point out a Roboform alternative.

    PassPack online password manager. Useful when you change computers often and don’t want to tote around a USB.

    [disclaimer: I’m a PassPack Founding Partner]