Mike Tech Show – Podcast – #156 – 11-11-07

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(55 minutes)

Mike Tech Show Listener Round Table
Topic: Favorite items in your computer tool bag

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  1. Chris says:

    A great show with a ton of useful tips from qualified folk with experience in the field. On the security side, I’d like to mention McAfee Stinger and Avast Virus Cleaner as good free portable apps

    Another excellent free malware scanner for your USB stick is Prevx CSI

  2. Mike says:

    Chris –

    Thank you for the comments and the links.

  3. Brian says:

    Great show!

    Surprised to hear no one is using BartPE or the Ultimate Boot CD. These CD’s boot to a Windows type GUI with all kinds of tools including the full TCP/IP stack allowing you to map drives to network shares, AV software, disk recovery tools, etc.

    Pull files off an unbootable machine and drop them on a share somewhere (or even FTP). Can you say “Hero“? (I knew you could!)

    Also, there’s a utility to reset Administrator passwords in about 2 seconds (how many times have you run into that situation?).

    This should be in EVERY tech’s bag of tricks.

    Again – great show! Thanks a bunch.

  4. Mike says:

    Brian –

    Thank you! I actually use BartPE and the Ultimate Boot CD. I have talked about them on past shows. I kept the flow of the show to hardware items rather then Software because I spend so much time during my normal podcasts discussing software.

  5. Barbra says:

    I learned about AVG anti-rootkit
    …from this episode.

    I tend to trust grisoft products
    because they have never let me down.

    It was a great show Mike!
    Enjoyed having Cate in on the action.

    She contributes great info
    on a consistent basis!

  6. zexxxx says:

    Thanks for the AppSnap plug. Just an FYI, AppSnap does have a CLI mode that comes with the GUI so it can be scripted.

    Details are here.


  7. Good show, Liked it a lot. I seemed to have missed this one when it aired but I’m glad I went back. Thanks!