Top 10 Windows Vista Speed Tweaks

I found this on Digg – 10 Speed Tweaks that can help improve Vista performance – Go [here]

I have been playing with Microsoft Windows Vista Ultimate running under VMware Fusion on my iMac.

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  1. CoffeeMann says:

    Hey thanks Mike! Loved the tips did almost all of them, the disk indexing apply to all sub folders took forever! But I am hoping this will help as I have a HP Pavillion dv9335nr . Also would like to say that I also looked at the related story and found that helpful too. Keep up the great work, love the show, but i have to admit I am going to have to play catch up as I am listening to all of the Harry Potter books and am hooked right now.

    Robb the Coffeemann

  2. Bill says:

    I’d question the supposed “tweaks” 7 and 8 – both UAC and System Restore are essential to Vista’s security and stability – THIS ISN’T WIN XP FOLKS! Similarly with Vista’s Indexing service which is at the heart of ease of access, especially through the Start menu search box. If you are running Vista on a Core 2 Duo machine with at least 2gb of RAM, I don’t think the performance hit of any these Vista features is anything to fret about. Remember that Superfetch is running in the background too. This coupled with the new improved Sleep performance would push me in the direction of leaving automatic disk defragmentation on.

  3. Mike says:

    Bill –

    You are right, each person needs to evaluate each tweak and determine if it is for “them”. Personally I keep System Restore activated because it has saved me on XP.