Mike Tech Show – Podcast – #123 – 05-12-07

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Questions –

  • Freeware program to convert speech to text?
  • How can you set Firefox to default browser in Vista?
  • Can Slingbox player run from a thumb drive?
  • Program for adding tags to digital images?
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  1. Barbra says:

    Vista IE7 vs Firefox as default:

    I feel for this listener only because how hard it must suck to have IE forced on you when you KNOW BETTER

    So I have been thinking…

    You can put a FF icon on your desktop and use that to connect.
    Just remove the IE icon.
    It is not serving any purpose other than to annoy you anyway, right?
    (But you knew this)

    I believe this is a pompous IE7 issue. Try setting your default after installing and running IE6.

    Betcha it works.

    You can get IE6 via this sweet link I learned about via MTS called

    Direct link to the IE6 dwnload

    Hope this helps!

  2. Chris, UK says:

    Mike, you mentioned in passing that you had issues with Ustream in Firefox and that you ended up having to open IE. Have you tried a Firefox extension called IE Tab? This allows you to switch rendering engines by clicking on an icon in the status bar so you can view pages in IE from within the Firefox browser. You also get an option in the context menu to open a link in a separate IE tab. There’s also an extension called IE View which lets you open IE from Firefox or to set certain pages always to open with IE.

  3. catester says:

    Mike, one listener wanted to know about a program that will tag photos.

    Adobe Elements 5.0 will do this. It’s not free, though. In the “Organize” function, there are some predefined tags (“Family”, “Friends” and stuff like that) but you can make your own tags as well. There’s a little demo here: http://video.about.com/graphicssoft/Photoshop-Tags-and-Collections.htm. I don’t know if you can have more than one tag associated with any image.

    Hope that helps.

  4. catester says:

    Also — holy crap! “Firefox can not yet be set as the default browser on Vista.” see this article: http://www.zolved.com/synapse/view_content/23556/Things_to_know_when_downloading_Firefox_2_on_Windows_Vista

    That just reeks.

  5. Mike says:

    Cate’s links got cut off –

    I ran them through TinyUrl

    Adobe Elements 5.0 with tags:

    Firefox and Vista:


  6. Anonymous says:

    I just finished #123/05-12-07 and it was mentioned that there could possibly be a low audible noise, however I listen on an ipod nano and I cannot hear any type of noise.

    Actually, this show has one of highest quality audio (and some of the best content) of any of the podcasts I listen to!!

    Great Show!! I never miss an episode!! Thanks!!! –Dave–

  7. chris, uk says:

    Some free photo tagging software:
    Adobe Photoshop Album SE
    – you can add a tag to more than one photo and add more than one tag to a single photo; useful Calendar view.

    Studioline Photobasic – you can edit descriptors

    More advanced freeware – geotagging, IPTC headers

    A useful Flickr tool for location tags

  8. Mike says:

    Chris / Cate –

    Awesome links! Thank you!