Google Notebook

  • Clip and collect information as you surf the web.
  • Stay in your browser window.
  • Organize your notes from the web page you’re on.

Get Google Notebook [here]

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  1. Alex R says:

    Wow, I’m glad you bought this to everyones attention Mike! This webapp has had no exposure around the blogosphere (as far as I know, my Netvibes usually keeps me up with all the latest tech/web2.0 news). I’ve only just started to use it and I love it!

    I’ve tried to use things like Microsoft’s OneNote in the past to collaborate on note taking/planning but it just doesn’t work how I wanted it to. However, 5 minutes in to using Google Notebook, I’ve found that collaboration is a breeze. Sure, the interface needs some work (as with most Google Apps) and hopefully they’re working on more features but so far, so good.

    Maybe you should try it out with your show notes?

  2. Mike says:

    I will try it, but I am hooked on EverNote.