Mike Tech Show – Podcast – #120 – 04-21-07

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  1. Chris,UK says:

    Another great show Mike. Kudos to you for not skating over your mistakes – it was interesting to see how you cope when stuff happens. I’m looking forward to your tips on Vista. One thing though – I was certain when I saw the mac book on your recent video that you were thinking of running Vista on it either with Boot Camp or Parallels. Have you given this option any thought?

  2. Victor says:

    Mike I had to laugh at the comments of people thinking you were going to “abandon” the show for the Mac.

    I certainly did that and left the PC users to you as you do such a great job of covering that arena.

    For me it was just preference, so Y’all don’t be hating.

    Keep up the great work Mike and good luck with the video production. The new Final Cut Pro is going to be out of this world. Nothing wrong with using a ball pin hammer (i.e. a Mac) when it’s the right tool for the job.

  3. Mike says:

    Chris – Yes, I am going to run Parallels on the Mac. I will comment on that in a future podcast.

    FYI – I had a nightmare experience trying to install Vista on my main system last night. That will be covered on the next show.

  4. Mike says:

    Victor – It was funny, I worried a few listeners when they seen the Mac Book. (Windows XP and Vista will give me a lifetime of material to discuss.)