Mike Tech Show – Podcast – #116 – 03-24-07

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(66 minutes)

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    • Easiest way to lock down shares on peer-to-peer network?
    • Network analysis utilities?
    • How to move multiple files from multiple directories to one folder?
    • Recommendations for Barbra’s system problem?
    • Open source contact application?
    • Activity reporting tool?
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    • Voice mail: (240) 949-2450

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    1. Barbra says:

      Hey Mike!
      Thanks for posting my problem.
      I got that MB analysis.
      There was a 3/4″ burn mark found to the right of the CPU.

      Buddy of mine pulled out the processor and fired it up and got a beep.
      (No beeps before this)
      He reseated the processor and got no beep.
      So he started looking closely at the system board and found the
      physical evidence.

      This is unacceptable to me after a little over a year of use on a machine that was protected by UPS.

      Also really felt I had double checked the MB for obvious issues when nothing else worked.

      This will be a learning tool for me. When I get it back I intend to Flickr the evidence.

      Knowing what to look for is important. Again I will learn from this.

      You REALLY made up for last week, now didn’t you? 66 minutes. Bliss.

      Glad you are feeling better. I am sure all of your fans could hear it in your voice tonight. Good to have you back in full voltage!

    2. CitizenX says:

      Not running 3 Anti-Virus at one time!
      Running 3 Anti-Spyware programs.

      *just wanted to to say*

    3. Ira says:

      Hi Mike–

      How to move multiple files from multiple directories to one folder?

      Why not just use a simple batch file?
      For example:

      move c:\folder1\*.* c:\combined\*.*
      move c:\folder2\*.* c:\combined\*.*

      — Ira
      Loyal Maryland Listener!

    4. Chris,UK says:

      I’ve been looking at the problem of moving files from multiple source directories to another location. Neither is really a perfect solution but I would try using either
      Piky Basket
      Folder View
      Both are free; but you will still need to select all the files in the individual folder or all the subfolders in a directory before copying or moving. I’m sure Mike that you’ve mentioned Piky basket before – a great application by the way but I always seem to forget about its existence!
      For repetitive tasks I’d recommend File Commander which is free