Mike Tech Show – Podcast – #114 – 03-10-07

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  1. Will says:

    Anyone having problems downloading this episode from iTunes? I seem to be.

  2. Mike says:

    Will – I just was able to download the show from within iTunes with no problem. I am using iTunes for Windows

    Make sure you are loading the right link in iTunes. Use this link:


    Let me know if you still have a problem –

  3. Jed says:


    Congrats on dipping your toe into the pool of Thunerbird. I run about 14 IMAP email accounts out of my two instances of Thunderbird. I’m running my windows version with the GnuPG plugin, the “colored quotes” and Lightning plugin. Lighting is a cut-down version of Sunbird, which gives a calendar view in Tbird.

    I restart Tbird about once a day on my windows XP Pro box. I restart my Tbird about once every two weeks on my Fedora Core 4 box.

    I would certainly encourage you to consider managing your email backend with IMAP. I’m running a small “embedded style” server in my kitchen with a 250G on it and it recieves about 35 email lists and my family’s email and it’s only a 600Mhz box with 256M ram, running CentOS. This box is quiet, it’s fanless, and all I hear are drive-seeks.

    ( http://301url.com/95q )

    The following howto is the one I prefer, however, it’s not the simplest or most direct setup. It is one I like to share because if you’re looking at managing virtual mail domains and users in a database instead of LDAP, this works well.
    ( http://301url.com/95r )