Mike Tech Show – Podcast – #111 – 02-14-07

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  1. Barbra says:

    Thank You Very Much for the Audacity tip where it records

    I never knew about Audacity feature Will try it out tonight right after the show.

    There is a submitter that I just love called fargenbastich
    (yes, hilarious)

    He plays piano and guitar and I just love his choice of covers.
    Knowing I can have him on CD
    AMAZES me.
    Thanks so much for this tip.
    It made my night!

  2. Mike says:

    This is how I record my Skype voicemail.

  3. Barbra says:

    As a follow up, Mike:

    In default Audacity does not offer to save as .mp3
    You may have forgotten.

    You have to download Lame!
    Instructions for integrating Lame into Audacity here:

    Fairly simple and I had fun with this audio recording advantage, Mike.

    There you went giving me something to do!

  4. Anonymous says:

    All those in favor of Mike doing video podcasts, raise your hands!


  5. Maja in Nejc says:

    Hey, Mike! Love the podcast.

    About running IE in Linux. I work for a company that deals with e-learning and I have to tell you, that a lot of e-learning content works properly only in IE. So … that’s one reason to the “why” question. :).