Show #108 Follow-up

My IMAP problem – Brinkster fixed the Junk Mail folder problem. I can now subscribe to the folder ‘Junk’ in my Outlook email client. Jim recommends Thunderbird as an email client. I covered Thunderbird on Show #69.

Free Terminal Emulator for COM port – Joe sent in that Putty Beta .059 now supports COM ports. Release notes [here] Download [here]

Podcast Alley – I appreciate everyone that is attempting to vote for the podcast. It seems that on 02/01/07, they upgraded their servers, but some ISPs are still displaying the ‘Servers are moving’ graphic. I can reach the site on Verizon but not from AT&T.; DNS is yielding the same IP address from both ISPs. Problem seems to be fixed now – 02/04/07.

Computer America – It looks like I will be joining Carey Holzman as his guest on the Computer America Show, Friday night, 02/09/07, 7p Pacific, 10p Eastern time.

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  1. Barbra says:

    Congrats, Mike!
    It will be a great show!

    *** Attention MTS fans ***
    What I like most about Computer America’s show is that they offer a free live chat during the show.

    You can ask questions and comment on what is being said. It adds a whole other dimension to the podcast.

    I would like to see a bunch of MTS fans in chat during the show, if at all possible.

    See you there?
    I will be CitizenX

  2. Kevin Devin says:

    Hey Mike,

    Regarding one of your listener’s questions about tools to transfer user settings, this might be helpful.

    My experience with the File and Settings Transfer Wizard, the one that comes with XP, is that if you use it, be sure to copy the utility as well as the data to a nuetral source (like a LAN share). There are different versions of the utility and believe it or not, regardless of how minor the version difference is, they don’t seem to want to work well together. Thus, its best to use the same version to complete the process that started it if you can.

    Also… regarding a windows-based console utility that will utilize COM ports, check out Tera Term

    Yes, it’s old, but very handy. It can handle telnet and serial connections. There is even an SSH add-on that one can add to it. I’ve used if often, and especially found it helpful for studying for my CCNA. I even created an installer for it for use at work so that engineers can easily install it pre-configured for ssh usage as well as with a populated address book.



  3. Mike says:

    Thank you Kevin.

    The URLs above got cut so here they are as TinyUrls –

    Transfer user settings –

    Tera Term –