Free Defrag

Chris K. sent in this link to JkDefrag. Get it [here]

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  1. Barbra says:

    Funny you should mention
    defragging.. I recently blogged about it.

    Yesterday I attended my local computer club meeting and I received advice that was generalized toward the crowd, but the advice hit home to me.


    I heard the advice and instantly felt like a lemming. Though I had never downloaded a 3rd party defrag utility, I had contemplated doing so after hearing negative info about MS defrag.

    But now, I appreciate the info I walked away with last night.

    The wear and tear on your hard drive during defrag is equivalent to the wear and tear of your hard drive making pieces match when you request a program.

    Defragging isn’t really necessary anymore. Much like screen savers.

    If you are defragging, you are just buying time for a solution to the problem.

    My 2007 New Year’s Resolution:
    stop defragging
    attend more computer club meetings because I ALWAYS learn something new..
    Or in this case, something I needed to hear.

  2. Mike says:

    I agree that defragging will not solve a problem, but I do belive that it will help with performace on reading large files that are fragmented on a drive.

  3. Chris says:

    I was very sceptical about the whole defrag thing too, having used a number of utilities, some free, some expensive. But my mind was changed by PerfectDisk – the responsiveness of my system after running it was truly impressive. As the song goes….now I’m a believer!

  4. Anonymous says:


    I have never heard anyone say that defragmenting could cause excess wear and tear on your drive, although I have always believed that anything valueable or good, must in turn have potential for being harmful or bad. I am aware that MS used to boast NT no longer needed defragmenting… but then when Win2K came out, sure enough defragmenter was there, again. Why? Because it was obviously needed, perhaps no where near FAT32 days (which was often a daily chore), but still it does. My advice to most ppl is when you can’t remember your last defrag, it’s prolly time. Personally, I defrag monthly. BTW, I must say that although MS defrag tool works, it truly works minimally. I have not tried PerfectDisk, but I will if I can at least get a trial, however it’s painfully obvious that O&O; makes the best, by far, of defragment tools. Oh, it’s slow, but man does it work, and it’s shareware. Defrag 3 times in a row with MS defrag then run O&O; and watch what it finds and how much snappier your machine runs!