Mike Tech Show – Podcast – #99 – 12-09-06

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(30 minutes)

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  1. Duane says:

    I have one comment about the your fraud prevention tips. I had previously read (see the following links) with your tip #2 that by not signing the back of the card this will lead to other problems. Essentially by not signing the card, you are not agreeing to the terms of the contract and the card issuer is not bound to deal with the fraudulent claims that may have occurred.
    What is recommended is to both sign the card and put “ID REQUIRED” on the card.



  2. Barbra says:

    So much to say! Great show.

    I was going to send an email but we have to get these comments jumping again!

    I could hear the excitement in your voice about the promotional items you are receiving! I know this must make you feel great and underlines the fact that what you offer to the web is worthy. So wonderful to hear!

    RE: testing hardware/software and voicing opinion.
    You know I already have the ability to voice. Count me in.

    I made the GiftCard alert a headline in my blog. I had not heard of it before and it made me shake my head that there is an ilk of scammers like this out there.

    As far as “SEE MY ID” for fraud prevention, you can sign your name as Mickey Mouse and they will not bat an eyelash. There are websites out there dedicated to proving this true.

    The irony of canceling credit cards: The first thing the CC company asks you for is your card number. Listen to Mike. Write it all down or better yet SCAN your WALLET.

    I recently had my DEBIT card compromised and shared the experience on my site. It was NOT fun because this is money I use to live, not some credit line.

    Laughing at Mike coming to terms with listening to his own advice.

    …. you are not alone!