Mike Tech Show – Podcast – #88 – 10-07-06

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(40 minutes)

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  1. Sujay Daniel says:

    You can also sort your Start menu alphabetically by selecting one of the programs under Start menu and right-clickin and selecting ‘Sort by name’

  2. Mike says:

    Thank you. I also received many emails with this comment.

  3. Sam says:

    That holds true for individual folders on the start menu as well. You can right click on a single folder to sort it alphabetically.

    There is a tool called Tidy Start Menu which organizes your start menu for you, but the freeware version does not let you create custome folders.

    The reason this can be complicated is because there are programs installed for “all users” and others just for “individual users.” If you’re tech savvy you can do organize the programs into custom folders yourself by just right clicking on the start menu and selecting “explore all users,” and then mirroring the folder structure to the start menu folder for each individual user.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Sorry Mike – left off the url:
    Tidy Start Menu at http://www.tidystartmenu.com (not my program).