Mike Tech Show – Podcast – #83 – 09-02-06

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(40 minutes)

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  1. Barbra says:

    I just have to comment on the difference between Lisa & Chris’s ipod content.

    Truley loved this mention. If I had to do it all over again, no wedding music… rather, tech podcasts.. kudos to the DJ!

    D loves music. Burned CDs EVERYWHERE throughout the house. Everything from ABBA to Poison to Prince to Tori Amos to OutKast.

    Me? The car radio is always set to AM talk radio. My internet radio bookmarks are set to tech podcasts and videocasts
    (Still enjoying the ever-growing Blubrry content-thanks for the heads up, Mike)

    Polar opposites you would think.

    D and I have been happily married 15 yrs now even though I was not a geek when we started.

    Want to wish Lisa & Chris a congratulations on their recent unity.

    What a great story.

  2. Anonymous says:

    I just wanted to saw how impressed I am that you are so openly gracious about the dedication and performance of your staff. I have never worked for someone who had more than half-hearted praise for anything that I or my coworkers do to keep our company’s IT infrastructure up and running. Our server room is basically crap right now. (So bad, in fact, that we actually won a Server Room Makeover contest from APC, but probably won’t get to do it for legal reasons. APC wants to use the organization as a case study, and the organization will want control over exactly the way it is represented, which will drive APC nuts and they’ll go to the second-place company.)

    But I digress. We work, with extremely limited staff (four people) to support an organization with over 800 personnel and almost that many computers. We deal with failing AC units. We come in at 3:00 AM when systems page us that there are issues. We try to be as proactive as we can in preventing any problems for our users, both in hardware and software. We get ignored by our boss and users complain at almost every opportunity if something goes even the slightest bit wrong, despite our almost 99% average annual uptime.

    So my point is, I want to thank you on behalf of those who work with and for you for being a great teammate who understands and appreciates the sacrifices they make, the dedication they have, and the talent that they use every day. I wish I worked with somoene like you.

  3. Mike says:

    Thank you for the comments.

    First, my radio is also set to AM talk radio. When not listening to podcasts, I am listening to either sports talk or news.

    Second, working up through the ranks of IT myself, I know how important it is to recognize the hard work of my employees. (Especially when this never happened to me.)