Mike Tech Show – Podcast – #81 – 08-19-06

Podcast: [Mirror]

(40 minutes)

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Show #81 Notes

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Independent Music –

Some of the songs on this program were provided by Magnatune.com

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  1. Barbra says:

    Great show again Mike.
    I liked hearing the fiber connection review after you had time to play with it.

    Please post a link to the song you are currently using
    as your beginning/ending music.
    I’ve liked it for a while now.

    It reminds me of Tori Amos.

  2. Mike says:

    The music is by Rob Costlow –

    Awesome piano player!

    I purchased the music from –

    (Part of the deal is that I reference the site at the end of my show notes for every show.)

  3. WaCaMa says:

    I’m fairly new @ podcasting. And yes the naming convention on my iriver podcast playlist is quite annoying.
    bdtspv211 -on all podcasts, nothin else
    634_autosequence -sequencial #’s
    761557 – 76all kinds of different kind of numbers.

    Now that i’m actually looking at my list there are a lot more. the above I just listed i dont even know what they are!!

    My favorite convention:

    It’s enough and I can figure it out.


    MikeTech_080306 -is enough to recognize the name. The date convention is what we use here in the US and can be read immediately.

    Now what I would really like all Podcasts to do:


    This way when I look at my playlist on my iriver all of the newest podcasts would be at the top of the list and would play one after the other, instead of looking away from the car wheel and scrolling down thru to anothers podcast. The podcast #? Well I have heard people refer to a earlier podcast #, or somebody elses podcast #, so this would help!

    Of course, this would be great if this U10 would allow me to view files alphabetically. Hope fully my next player (zune?) will give you such basic options.

    I think this would be a great topic for podcaster conventions to help standardize this issue.
    I dont think people realize how much people will just skip by their podcast when they are on the go, because they don’t what they are reading.
    Is there a program that will easily rename podcasts? Or a podcast engine that will allow you to name easily? What do you recommend? (free and pay)