Answers to Show #76 Questions

For the Excel password question from Chris:

The first is a freeware program. It is an excel macro that will remove passwords from within excel, ie if you have protected a sheet or workbook and then forgotten the password this macro will add a couple of extra commands to the excel toolbar called “unprotect sheet” and “unprotect workbook”. This work fine as I have used it a couple of times myself to recover old spreadsheets with macros and hidden sheets which I have long forgotten the passwords to. – It doesn’t actually find the password just bypasses it so you can access the protected sheet/workbook. There is also a link on the page to “excel key” which is a commercial program to remove any excel passwords. [here]

The next link below is a free excel password cracker which I haven’t tried but could be worth a look. – This is for removing passwords which restrict you from opening an excel spreadsheet which is I believe what Andrew was referring to. [here]

Failing this option there are a number of commercial programs available at reasonable prices and the link below is a list of several of these. [here]

For uninstalling Windows Media Player 11 from Brian:

In Add/Remove Programs, check the box “show updates” WMP11 will appear with all the Microsoft hotfixes etc.

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