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  1. catester says:

    Thanks for the recommendations. I had a look at Winpodder, and it’s pretty, but I couldn’t figure out how to get the files from there to my flash player. I might fool with it a little more later on, but in the meantime I grabbed Ziepod, and I’m liking that a lot. Not especially intuitive (Like looking for the download list under “Tasks”!) but I think that might be a language translation problem. I like the program a lot so far.

  2. Fantomas says:

    I always looked for other podcatchers, always on the search for new professional softwares. And when I looked again at what Podspider has achieved I was amazed. Don’t know how many of you saw the old Podspider, which was such a crappy application.
    BUT the new 1.6 version is simply all I ever needed. All the cool features and built-in player, audio and video capability, syncs to all portable devices. I am really pleased with this one.