In The Trenches – Trench Segment

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  1. Barbra says:

    This was a wonderful interview of your background and day to day life.
    Thank you for sharing it!

    22 yrs in the biz. Wow.

    I understand WHY you were ashamed to say Windows was your favorite OS.

    I do.

    But I appreciate your candor. So many people have bad things to say about Windows and Bill Gates.

    I feel the GUI Bill Gates developed made computing possible for many of us out there who were intimidated by DOS. By doing so, he brought the love of the PC to the average user and it was a momentous occasion that impacted the future we reside in today.

    Regarding locking down the network at the port level:

    My job has done this except for the USB ports
    (A drive and CD drives removed or disabled)
    Which is funny because today the USB ports should be considered the biggest threat because so much data can be held in a key drive.

    Our business is C/S for several dot com companies.

    Asking me, uploadable data is a bigger security breach than downloading loading a virus.

    We deal with cc #’s as well as a phone database that would make a telemarketer squirm with envy.

    I think you felt the same way by your reaction.

    I loved your empathy with the recent batch file issue that shut down the production servers mid-day via an engineer.
    Bottom line:
    You remembered your worst mistake (empathy)
    and rather than fire, you taught your employee a lesson he will never forget.

    Laughing at the propane vs charcoal grilling question and wondering if you saw the King of the Hill ep where Peggy and Bobby discovered the taste of charcoal grilling and had to go underground for great tasting burgers in order to hide it from Hank.

    Too funny.
    Great interview, Mike
    Enjoyed it very much.

    All apologies for the long comment.
    Really enjoyed the interview.