Mike Tech Show – Podcast – #70 – 06-10-06

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(29 minutes)

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  1. Barbra says:

    Great show again Mike.
    Hope all is well.

    Silent harddrive with rubberbands.
    I find this extremely geeky cool, but I like hearing my harddrive.

    Wanting to know what it sounds like in just-installed mode and comparing the changes in sound over time to predict failure.

    You could depend upon SMART,
    but that utility has failed me in the past.

    Quietness is better found in reducing sound in fans.
    Harddrives, not so much.

    On the mention of recording music:
    I like recording streams (for free) of ANY station via

    Some limitations but definately not detrimental to usability.

    Chose the directory you want the .mp3’s to land.
    Listen as you record.

    Laughing at the Thanks, No

    When Amanda Congdon @ RB covered it, I laughed so hard.

    Perfect, yet never used the service
    even though some mailings qualified.