Mike Tech Show – Podcast – #69 – 06-03-06

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  1. Barbra says:

    A few words on Thunderbird.

    First of all thank you for covering TB because as a FireFox user, I’ve had knowledge, but never used.

    Instead, I use web-based email like yahoo and gmail.
    I never-ever-never
    use my ISP email for anything because I have learned over the years that ISP’s change. Or they DID back in the dial-up days when I went to and fro for the better price.

    Unfortunately today, in order to have cable internet in my area, I am left with one choice. But that could change.

    I can only see TB being useful for multiple gmail accounts as well as outlook. You still have to pay to forward Yahoo mail, right?

    ..Which is why I rely upon the FF browser and it’s extentions to notify me when emails hit in gmail and yahoo.

  2. Mike Jacobson says:

    Pay to forward Yahoo Mail??! Not in Australia. I forward my Yahoo email to my main account (my ISP email account) and it doesn’t cost. I would imagine it would be the same over there.

    I use Thunderbird and can’t imagine using anything else. I use it to collect email from 3 different email accounts on three different servers. Works well!

  3. Barbra says:

    It’s a Premium Service in The States to forward to Outlook or TB:

    19.99 per year!

    But, after learning how to change my preference to UK in order to play with Y Beta Mail, I’m now thinking there is a work around that fee since Australia gets the service free.


  4. Chris, United Kingdom says:

    It’s worth mentioning that when you set up a new account, Thunderbird does not leave your emails on the pop server by default which is fine unless you want to accesss those emails from a different pc via the web at a later date.

    There a number of extensions that greatly improve the Thunderbird experience:

    Exit Button Thunderbird
    Identity Select – gives you the option to choose which account you want to write from via the “write” button
    Evernote Web Clipper – adds email or selected portion of email to Evernote
    Notary – useful ( and searchable!) note taking pane
    MR Tech Local Install – allows you to take control of youe extensions and themes, as well as providing a handy “restart” icon for updating etc.
    CuteMenus Crystal SVG – not essential but it brightens up Thunderbird no end!

    At lastly, Thunderbird also has a built in news/rss reader.

  5. There’s another way to minimize Outlook to the system tray. Right click on the Outlook icon in the tray and select “Hide when minimized.” Then it will not show in the taskbar when you minimize it.