Mike Tech Show – Podcast – #67 – 05-22-06

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  1. Tanj says:

    Monday podcast…WOW!

    What separates me from you is that my thumb dive is filled with .exe files rather than portables running from the USB.
    I carry a HOW-TO folder with me containing dumbed-down instructions on how to use the programs that I felt my customers needed to use on a reg basis.

    Better still, I LOVED what you posted on. Adding USB portables to Windows AutoStart. I CAN appreciate that.
    Nice find and overall GREAT post especially with the AV program on a stick.

    This is what makes you a better podcaster than the rest.

  2. Mike says:

    I carry 2 thumb drives, one with .exe programs like, Adaware, Spybot, etc … for installing on client machines. The other is the one I described in the podcast with all portable apps.

    I like the idea of How-To folder.

  3. Tanj says:

    RE: the How To folder

    Oh yeah. You HAVE to do that. Look at it as a read me .txt file that gives step by step instrustions on how to use described software.

    I found it is simply not enough to install programs. You talk them through it as they see it working on their machine then you leave a step-by-step .txt file icon on their desktop explaining how to update and execute the file.

    I do this because I understand that we can move too fast for the average user. My .txt can include screenshots so they can orient themselves with what to look for.

    Keep in mind a lot of my clients are still learning the basics of keeping a computer clean…a skill most of us take for granted.

    The .txt file is one of those elements that keeps me out of business, yet spreads the word about my service.

  4. Dave L from Temecula, CA says:

    Yes great post. It took a bit for me to try pstart since I’ve been using NU2MENU for my launch menu on my 1 GB Lexar drive for quite some time.

    However upon trying it.. it’s VERY slick. I was able to group my applications to emulate the menu system I had made with NU2MENU. Plus the ability to add a web site link is quite nice. Quick access to the application’s site.

    .. And sticky Notes? very cool. I’ll have to keep playing around with it and see how it is.

    I agree about the instructions. I had given my neighbor the whole routine about updating the Antivirus/Antispyware defs and run it regularly at least 3 times this week alone. Her eyes just kept glossing over even though I explained it slowly and clearly for her to understand. I don’t mind educating them, but who has the luxury of being able to do continuous follow up support for a client just to answer the same questions? Give them the text that explains it and they’ll be able to help themselves and be happy about it.