Mike Tech Show – Podcast – #66 – 05-20-06

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  1. Barbra says:

    It was refreshing to hear you say you sometimes teach as you repair.

    I have always wondered if that was sensible for business and struggled with the scruple. If you teach well, they no longer call.

    Like you, I love to teach as I go if it is requested. It is important to me that the customer understands how easy it can be to correct problems. It removes the fear of computers and moves the customer into a level of comfort as they understand more and more about the PC they rely on.

    I tend to not care about the lost money once they eventually solve their own computer problems. I tend to be proud of them!

    Business returns thousand fold because those that have learned from me tend to “throw the rope back” and send a new customer my way because I presented a service they found valuable.

    Thanks Cate for the Skype Out info. You were NOT the last to know! I will try this out tomorrow. I love Free!

    Thanks Mike! Another great show!

  2. Mike says:

    I agree. That approach actually gets us more consulting work. Our clients will recommend us to others.