Mike Tech Show – Podcast – #65 – 05-13-06

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(35 minutes)

Show #65 Notes

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Questions –

  • I am looking for web designer with WordPress experience?
  • Tips on using Dragon Naturally Speaking with Firefox?
  • Voice recognition program that works good with Firefox?
  • Suggestions for Scott, so he does not have to rediscover his CD drives on every reboot?
  • Scott’s problem was solved by removing ‘Easy Media Creator 8″.
  • Email me at mike@miketechshow.com
  • Voice mail: (240) 949-2450

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  1. Barbra says:

    Great advice on the site that could analyze log files on the fly!

    In the past using other spyware, you had to post the log file in forums and wait for someone nice enough to sift through and find the problem.

    I may be behind the times, but I find sites like that revolutionary! Great info!

    What was your Google search to find these sites? It may come in handy for other spyware killers.
    Don’t you just love the internet?!

  2. Pete Sawyer, Broken Arrow, OK says:

    Regarding the mention of programs that install automatically to C: and do not offer the option to install elsewhere: I’ve noticed that the option for an alternate installation drive has often been moved. It’s not offered if you pick ‘Typical’ installation but is only offered if you select ‘Custom’.

    Recently I’ve had to re-install a bunch of software and WITHOUT EXCEPTION, every program that I thought didn’t offer an alternate drive DID HAVE that option when I selected ‘Custom’.

    GREAT SHOW as usual Mike.