How to fix Windows XP MBR

From Richard: Insert the XP CD and boot from it. When the setup starts type R for the recovery console then it will ask you to logon to your windows partition. When logged in you can type FIXMBR press [ENTER] and confirm with Y. This will re write the MBR. Reboot and thats it.

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  1. David Harper says:

    Hi Mike

    I had a similar problem but as Windows was preinstalled on my PC, I had no Windows CD to boot from. In the end I had to reinstall Linux completely to get a working bootloader. Is there another way?

    Thanks – Dave Harper, Madrid

  2. MissM says:

    An interesting article from Fred Langa, to set several useful options, that turns the recovery console to XP DOS here
    | Windows XP | Langa Letter: