Mike Tech Show – Podcast – #61 – 04-20-06

(37 minutes)

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  1. Tangerine says:

    Regarding the over-the-top Customer Service you received from Ikea:

    I HOPE you remember the reps name! Please contact IKEA (preferably at the number you reached her) AND TELL a supervisor there how great she was!

    Myself, I am C/S for 12 dot com companies(the day job)and although it IS great that you mention it here, let her BOSSES know!

    Reiterating to your listeners…
    If you get a bad C/S rep who is not helping you-
    HANG UP and redial to get someone else! It can make all the difference.

    There are many of us out there willing to go the extra mile

    She was awesome and deserves recognition.

    My workplace offers site-wide recognition for a job well done when someone calls in w/ a compliment.

    Thanks for adding this experience to your podcast.

  2. Mike says:

    I am glad you mentioned that. I forgot to say that I wrote a very nice letter to her supervisor the very next day. It is very important that one someone goes “above and beyond” that is it recognized.