Mike Tech Show – Podcast – #60 – 04-15-06

(39 minutes)

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  1. Tangerine says:

    Bravo to Kate for that great email!
    (And thanks to Mike for sharing)

    Kate wanted feedback on the subject regarding a Microsft statement regarding reformat recovery from Malware.

    First Malware should never be something you react to, rather prevent.

    Hilarious further that Microsoft offers an antispyware solution that seems to only remove competing software.

    Reformatting should ALWAYS be a last result because the average user does NOT back up regulary and the advanced user does not throughly backup as learned from this show.

    True, if the hard drive has failed…nothing more you can do than replace. Although the stick-it-in-a-baggie
    then put-it-in-the-freezer
    HAS worked for me before. The cold helps the plates inside somehow work for one last recovery of items.

    True Kate, the big companies DO NOT care about sentimental photos or saved emails from the past.
    Which makes you a GEM!

    For Microsoft to release such a statement is insanity.

    Thankfully, we know better.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Great Show!!!

    One of the best ever, I am sorry you had such trouble with your machine but the importance about keeping backups and a copy of the drivers has never been so clear!!

    I know it isn’t all that funny, but when you mentioned getting the driver file which had to create a floppy, I could almost feel the frustration!! I have often found myself yelling at the people who had those “bright” ideas to distribute the drivers in such a manner… why manufacturers cannot create driver files like Nvidia (where one driver file works for almost everything they make), I have no idea!

    As for the Microsoft “Start Over” strategy, I can see both sides of it. If it is only a couple programs, I would try to remove them… much more than that, I would probably recommend backing up data and starting over. The reason to start over is usually due to the fact that those malware type programs usually do so much damage to a system that problems will usually occur later down the road.

    Thanks for making such a great podcast, I really enjoy listening every week!!!

  3. Anonymous says:

    Regarding installing FEBE offline, rename the zip to xpi, and then drag onto Firefox.

  4. Mike says:

    Renaming the ZIP to XPI worked.
    Thank you.