Mike Tech Show – Podcast – #56 – 03-25-06

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  • What are best practices for maintaining an external hard drive and sharing it with a Mac and a PC?
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  1. Tangerine says:

    Re: Future show topic:

    Locking down Windows for parents/grandparents….

    Great idea Jeremy.
    Mike — Please be sure to include XP Home instructions and try to consider locking down these options through all users/profiles of the PC.
    The ElderGeek
    Touches on it through a reg hack but I would like the more indepth info that you would offer.

    I like what Pete has done for you and love the idea that you are going to use his resource as a searchable database of past topics covered.

  2. Anonymous says:

    In regards to what Pete is doing for you. Just submit your podcast to podzinger!! They use speech recognition on audio/video podcasts to turn the audio in text which the podzinger site lets you search.