Mike Tech Show – Podcast – #51 – 02-18-06

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(45 minutes)

Show #51 notes:

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Congratulations to Derek from the UK, he won the $50.00.

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Listener Questions –

  • Paul has problems clicking on an MP3 from a website and have it stream and play. Any troubleshooting tips?
  • Email attachments no longer work with Gmail using Firefox for Brian. He uninstalled Firefox and can no longer run Firefox even after he reinstalls it. Any ideas?
  • Brady needs a freeware program that will take JPG images and make a slideshow on a VCD or DVD.
  • Email me at mike@miketechshow.com

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  1. Tangerine says:

    There MAY be some confusion in my FF fix that was offered to help Brian.

    The profile that I removed and replaced that fixed the problem was
    NOT a FireFox profile, but rather a Windows profile.

    I removed my Windows profile (after backing up) and installed FF under a new Windows profile and all was well. The problem must have been attatched to Windows. Please try this Brian.

    Again great show! Especially that you brought back listener questions. I was geting worried that the concept was lost. I find this feature compliments your show and look forward to more.

    PLEASE post all of the solutions that worked for this weeks questions.

    We are curious… okay, I am anyway.

    I learned the hard way that Windows services have DEPENDANCIES.
    Save yourself an hour and check dependancies of services! Solutions realized faster than even Google.