Mike Tech Show – Podcast – #50 – 02-11-06

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(36 minutes)

Show #50 notes:

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  1. Tanj says:

    I was hoping for someone who has not done this before to comment that they followed Mike’s steps successfully.

    Also, anything to add?

    Or am I on my own?

  2. Mike says:

    Your not on your own. I am always here. It realy is very easy. Let me know how you make out.

  3. Tanj says:

    TY Mike.
    And yes, I always knew you would be there. I was just interested in what the viewers thought.
    BTW— I want to talk about IE 7.

    I downloaded the Beta version..checked it out and all that.

    Not too impressed.

    Seems there is no way to retro-grade back to 6 once the download is complete.

    I have tried. Attempted to turn-back-the-clock but 6 found an updated version and would not retro.

    Anyone out there who can find a work around to retrograde IE to vers 6?

  4. Mike says:

    In [Control][Panel] [Add Remove Programs], check the box Show Updates. You should see Internet Explorer 7. Unsinstall it and 6.0 will be left.