Mike Tech Show – Podcast – #48 – 01-28-06

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(48 minutes)

Techpodcast Roundtable 01/28/06

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  1. Steve Murawski says:

    Hey Mike,
    I love the show; however, I did want to bring up one point. I believe you have overcomplicated the remote desktop issue. The essence of what you were saying was correct; however, instead of having to change the access ports with the registry modifications, one can use the port forwarding to forward non-standard ports to 3389 on the correct machine (as in your example using 5589, 5590, 5591, and just pick an individual machine for each port). Now this is only effective if you have a router, but if you have broadband access, you should have a router guarding your internet connection.

  2. Mike says:

    That is great advice. You are absolutely correct. Thank you!

  3. Great show Mike. Some things to keep in mind with PDF’s. Not every page can be handled as text. For example we use ghostscript to generate pdf’s through some of our applications and these documents are encrypted and protected in such a way that you cannot select, copy or edit the files without the full password. Also it is possible to create a PDF where the text is an image and that will also not be selectable. Due to the use of ghostscript I tend to prefer pdfcreator for my pdf creation. ( http://sector7g.wurzel6.de/pdfcreator/index_en.htm )

  4. One more comment Mike, dyn dns works if the user is directly connected to the net. However if they are behind a NAT router this wont work. For something like this their best bet would be something like Himachi which is a VPN client thats free and also able to traverse NAT routing. Plus they get the added benifit of transparent encryption of the data moving back and forth. Then they can also use other remote clients like VNC, UltraVNC, PCAnywhere etc. Himachi can be had at http://www.hamachi.cc/ in additon if you have himachi properly configured you can do windows file sharing over the net completely secure.

  5. Mike says:

    richard – Thanks for the feedback. When I recorded the remote desktop show, Hamachi was not around. I use Hamachi.