Roundtable Video

The video of the RoundTable for Jan 7, 2005 is now available. This was our live Consumer Electronics Show Special, in addition you will get a Blogging tutorial that covers the new version of WordPress. Visit
Download video [here]

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  1. Tanj says:

    While waiting Friday PM for your podcast to show, I caught the roundtable discussion on CES.

    Go To Meeting was used and I was introduced to the service while watching the videocast. It seemed a bit buggy during transitions inbetween reports, but definately met the needs of the vlog.

    I was most impressed with:
    Loc8tor.. tagging everyday misplaced items in order to find them. Cool

    VlogIt.. but kinda confused. Price 49.95 for one touch Vlogging (YES!) but I thought Steve Garfield (pop vlogger)descibed it as for MAC only. Maybe I was confused.

    Enjoyed the Blogger “How To Blog” demo only because I sat in that same seat a few months back while presenting at my local computer club.

    I started the presentation asking if anyone had heard of blogging with a show of hands and received CRICKETS.
    Mostly the club is a crowd of over 50 but I appreciate that they wanted to learn. I had to break it down much ike the Demo that was nicely done.

    Also the new features of WordPress 2.0 was pretty amazing especially due to AJAX includes.

    I love it when it is kept simple.

    I have never used WordPress but a lot of the sites I visit do and I am starting to understand why.

    Nice CES presentation.