Mike Tech Show – Podcast – #45 – 01-07-06

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(43 minutes)

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  1. Tanj says:

    Loved the fautly UPS story.

    Sometimes you have to keep the solutions simple!

    Yes love the “job” stories!

  2. Tanj says:

    You had mentioned enjoying hearing someone elses opinion on a topic you are aware of because maybe they can break it down in a better way.

    I think that is the reason why I still listen to Kim Komando. She helps so many noobs on her weekend show and lots of times I verbally correct her, but she does offer a great 3 hour show offering opinion on said previously aware topic in a different light.

    I’ve always felt embarrasssed to admit I listen to Kim Komando until you made me realize WHY I listen.

    I have found a list of stations that stream her show on the weekends

    Look for the begining “s” that indicates internet STREAM

    Go to:

    And I apologize ahead of time for the pop-under.

  3. Tanj says:

    TinyURL for finding K Komando


  4. l.m.orchard says:

    Thanks for mentioning Hacking RSS and Atom! I’m always excited to see my book’s title pop up, especially on podcasts like yours.

    By the way, since you mentioned that you maintain your RSS feed by hand… and this might be something already answered by the Podcasting book you picked up… you might want to check out dirCaster:


    Basically, you drop this PHP script into a directory full of MP3s on your server, make sure the MP3s have descriptive ID3 tags– and voila, a feed.

  5. Listened to your comments on Amazon, and I couldnt agree more. I am a long, long time Amazon customer and they went from a great service caring about the customers, to (in my opinion) a flippant, arrogant bunch of jerks who ship your itmes when they get around to it.

    I placed the first order on my current amazon account in 96 (and I think I ordered prior to that under another long lost acocunt). Back then they shipped quickly and didnt jerk you around a lot. Since then its all been down hill.

    My wife and I constantly order from them because we get a lot of Amazon gift certs for surveys, gifts etc. We have come to expect bad service. Several times we have placed orders as early as spetember for items showing as in stock on the website to only find out later that it wasnt in stock and in several cases didnt get the items till either days befor or after christmas. Its horrendous. They grew too much too fast and into a mess and they have never fully recovered. The only reason we order from them 99% of the time is the availibility of the gift certificates.

    Thats just my opinion.

  6. Mike says:

    l.m. – I think its awesome you fond my podcast and blog. Thank you for the reference in you blog.

    Love your book!

  7. Mike says:

    richard – You comments ar “dead on”. I am probably going to give them another chance and if they mess up again, that’s it. (Here I come, BarnesandNobel.com.)